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July 03, 2008


Andrea Amu

Big, big congrats on the High Extinction again! That's awesome...and good for you for pushing yourself to do something different and new for you and your kids! Don't they say life is all about experience!?! I know we all get handed plenty of bad stuff in life and most is just plain B.S. so enjoy the good whenever it comes your way! I'll be thinking of you as you continue to move forward!

Tammy Templeton

WOOT! WOOT! A high distinction is awesome Kirsty :0)
Big *~*~congratulations~*~* from me hun :)

I think of you daily and just wanted to send you some {{{{{huggles}}}}

vanessa  diel

Thank God you are alive. You don't know how I have wondered what happened to you. I am so glad you are back and sure hope you design some awesome Christmas card tempelats.

Jo Kay

Just wanted to let you know that we think of you every day and can't wait for the day that you are ready to do some more creating with us!!
Believe in yourself as we all do!!!!
Jo xx

Andrea Amu

It's been awhile again, Kirsty! Hope all is well, girl!


Hey Kirsty.
It's been a while. Hope you are ok...I think of you often.

Hugs xxx

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